Anxiety & Nervous System Fatigue

What is the cause of Anxiety and how can we adapt our lifestyle to keep anxiety at bay? Anxiety is caused by a number of different nutritional and lifestyle factors such as vitamin/mineral deficiencies as well as nervous system fatigue and chronic stress. In a 2017 study Low levels of B vitamins and in particular, B12 resulted in increased anxiety and depression.

It’s usually a combination of factors that results in severe anxiety and states of depression. Magnesium is another mineral that has been studied for its effect on anxiety. Magnesium glycinate in particular is more useful for conditions Like insomnia, Anxiety, and Chronic stress.

Excessive stress, Excessive exercise, processed and fast foods, pharmaceutical medication, and poor sleep quality will all have a negative impact on the body’s reserve of B vitamins and other trace minerals. The problem is we have a nation of overly stressed and underly nourished individuals. Human beings are amazing survivors but these chronic negative lifestyle habits eventually lead to a nervous system that is perpetually exhausted and deficient in a number of important vitamins/minerals.

The problem is that it becomes a negative feedback loop, the person becomes chronically stressed and anxious from a lack of nutrition as well as various other lifestyle factors. These nutritional deficiencies in turn make it harder to function day to day and increase overall stress and fatigue which then leads to poor quality sleep. The cycle repeats until it is addressed. There is a whole range of herbs, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals that can help us adapt and cope with stress.

Supplementation can really help those who are already in a severely depleted state and educated food choices can help us stay on track in the future.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine and Thy medicine be thy Food

Written by Narayana admin