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Understanding Sexual Function, Dilation, Vasocontraction & Hormones  

I was chatting to a female friend recently when the topic of sexual dysfunction came up. She had told me about this guy she really liked and previously brought home but they had run into trouble in the bedroom. Being a close friend she asked me openly and straight up if I have ever taken Viagra to which I replied yes but only on one occasion. In the context of the conversation I immediately realised why she was asking me this and so I went on to talk about sexual health for men and how it was actually really very simple to improve men’s sexual health through the use of specifically selected foods and herbs. Making sure they are well fed (Thank me later boys) and relaxed. I’m sure the concept works both ways. In the conversation I told her about the dietary factors that can disrupt a men’s sexual function and also how easy it is to reverse those factors through lifestyle changes and improved food choices. I want to share this information with you so that you and your partner can make the right moves in and out of the bedroom.

Stress and Fatigue

I put down stress first because it is possibly the most important factor in relation to each and every health topic. Men’s sexual function is completely at the whim of stress and fatigue. Psychological stress is the type of stress males don’t usually account for but physical stress and exhaustion play huge roles in the ability to perform


Under consumption of calories will impact a man’s sexual function because there will simply not be enough energy in the body to maintain erections.


Smoking and excessive intakes of caffeine will make veins smaller and more constricted in the body. This in turn decreases blood flow to the penis and decreases sexual performance and erection strength and size.


This is the opposite of vasoconstriction and the environment that is needed to get and maintain erections. Foods like dark cocoa, pomegranate, beetroot and ginger are all vasodilators which improve both blood flow and circulation. Physical exercise like resistance training is another way to improve both circulation and testosterone levels.

Include Physical exercise and foods that Improve blood flow and circulation into your routine.

Psychosomatic Factors

As discussed below, porn usage can cause neurological imbalances and cause the user to seek short term pleasure. On top of that it creates within the mind a psychological expectation of sexual behavior which may be a falsity.


This simply means you may be eating a diet that has to many processed foods and lacks the nutrition required for sexual performance. You don’t need Viagra. You need real food and exercise. The body requires cholesterol from fats in order to build sexual hormones so sources of fat must be included in the diet daily. DHA & EPA are very important for mental and physical health. Underneath I will list out supplements and herbs that all have positive impacts on sexual function. Always be sure to check your herbs and supplements for contraindications.


There are so many adaptogenic herbs that positively impact men’s hormonal balance, sexual function and sexual performance.

  • Ashwagandha
  • Ginseng
  • Maca Root
  • & Nettle Root …

Amongst many more can Improve men’s libido, stamina and sexual desire. If your diet contains at least one of these on top of the consumption foods that improve blood flow and circulation, well then you’ve got yourself a success package. I can’t stress enough how many different herbs there are that positively impact this area of people’s lives. The only shortage here is education and nothing else.

Kegel Exercises

Many are aware of and have heard of Kegel exercises but most believe they are only relevant for Women. Well I’ve got news for you, male Kegel exercises are a real thing that can be performed to increase the strength and stamina of the pelvic floor muscles which helps the body with both bladder control, erection duration & stiffness and even prolong ejaculation as you will have more control over these muscles.

This is a list of the key concepts we talked about followed by a description and summary.

  1. Malnutrition = Lacking Nutrients That Promote Healthy Sexual Function
  2. Under Eating = Eating too little calories to produce the hormones necessary for function
  3. Vasoconstriction = Lifestyle Factors That Constrict Veins and blood flow
  4. Vasodilation = Foods that dilate veins and Improve circulation and blood flow
  5. Psychosomatic factors
  6. Stress
  7. Examples of herbs to improve sexual function
  8. Kegel Exercises


  • Calories at Maintenance or Above
  • Restrict Vasoconstricting Compounds
  • Inclusion of Vasodilating Foods/Compounds
  • Improve Circulation through Physical Exercise
  • Reduce stress and Fatigue
  • Include Fats in diet for building sex hormones
  • Include Herbs in the diet to balance hormonal profile
  • Avoid exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals

Changing perceptions on toxic Masculinity and embracing the Alpha male

The term Alpha Male has become synonymously linked with the term Toxic masculinity and it is my belief that this is far from the truth. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are all sorts of toxic people out there and some could be considered Alpha Male but a true Alpha Male should uphold the role of protection in society for both the opposite sex as well as his peers. Like everything in nature there should be balance but no man should be ashamed to be confident or to refrain from being a leader for fear of that link between Alpha and Toxicity. The facts of the matte is that testosterone is a huge part of the Male psyche and settling for a beta state your body and mind are being harmed. Testosterone levels have been declining by about 1% per year since the 1980s. For the general population, lifestyles are the not how they should be as we miss out on things like fresh air, direct sunlight and real food all too often. Increasing/Balancing Testosterone can be done in a number of ways including diet, physical exercise, use of herbs/adaptogens as well as limiting lifestyle factors that negatively Impact the hormonal profile like excessive alcohol, processed foods, smoking and stress. Toxic masculinity comes from weak unconfident males who lack strength, courage, ability and confidence in themselves. Apart from malnutrition and laziness there are quite clearly other factors which have weakened a lot of men in society so let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Pornography! Think about the fact that everything in life cost you a pretty penny except for porn.

Why is that? Have you ever stop to think why pornography is free and so readily available. Porn is an epidemic with addicts constantly looking for their fix. It makes it so that men are stimulated to the point of addiction and can exacerbate problems of social anxiety and erectile dysfunction. When watching porn, the viewer hard wires their brains to seek short term pleasure. Studies have shown that regular viewing of XXX content can cause chemical imbalances in the brain resulting in anxiety, depression, low testosterone, lack of confidence and a decline in motivation. Notice how porn is marketed under the triple x caption. The same marking on bottles of poisonous chemicals.

The traits of the True Alpha

    • He is confident but not egotistical.
    • He is assertive but not rude.
    • He has clearly defined boundaries.
    • He is gentle but physically dangerous.
    • He is protective but not obsessive.




Why Beta is a growing archetype

The Weak Beta male can be easily controlled and led. He regularly consumes foods and substances that negatively Impacts his hormonal profile. He puts chemicals on his body without a thought of their Impact, drinks to much alcohol, takes to much sugar and thousands of other compounds to which all have compounding effect on body and mind. He regularly consumes porn which will negatively effect his actual drive and will power to find a real life partner.  Although we all are partial to a drink and some nice sweets on occasions, there is a difference between slight indulgences and excessive addictions.  As a man I feel it is my duty to embody masculinity in society to the best of my ability and so I hope this article may inspire other men to do the same. Those in positions of power can often be happier to profit from a system that fails the people rather than try to improve the health of the community.

My advice to all men is simple be men and be strong both physically and mentally. Lift heavy things but be humble. Be assertive without being aggressive and be confident without being cocky. Your life will call on you to produce both masculine and femine traits and you should embrace both with open arms and as little resistance as possible.

Weak men can be manipulative, jealous, bitter and lack will power. The cascade of negative lifestyle factors previously mentioned can compound to create an overly anxious sexually dysfunctional male.  Drive and confidence are directly associated with High Testosterone and a healthy hormonal profile. When men ejaculate too often you can become depleted, the body needs to replenished and this replenishment requires time and nutrients. Sex is different and carries with it a whole range of positive impacts on brain chemistry. I suppose there is nothing like the real thing.

Take your place and be a man.

We can all learn to embody the traits of an alpha for the betterment of Ourselves and Society.









Written by Narayana natural_admins