Better You Magnesium Sleep Kids body spray


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What is it
This is a topical magnesium spray which is designed specifically for children. On initial application your child may experience a slight tingling sensation which is the result of high speed magnesium absorption. The tingling sensation will pass with regular usage. Because absorption happens commences immediately skin can be toweled off after massaging the spray in.
What it does
This marvelous and magical mixture of magnesium chloride and lavender will help to relax the whipper snappers before bedtime and promote deep and restful sleep. Magnesium is a mineral that Is used in a range of bodily functions from muscle function to the regulation of neurotransmitters. It helps in converting food into energy and improve sleep and the synthesis of DNA
Why you should buy this one
BetterYou Magnesium chloride comes from a natural source deep inside the Earths crust which has been protected from man made pollutants for over 250 million years

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