Eskimo 3 Omega 3 Liquid With Vitamin E


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What is it
Eskimo 3 is an Irish brand of Fish Oils containing Epa/Dha & Vitamin E. Eskimo 3s fish oils are independently tested by the top bodies for contaminant's such as heavy metals pcbs dioxins and pesticides. This is the cleanest source of fish oils on the Irish market and produced to the highest standard possible
What it does
EPA & DHA Contribute to the normal functioning of the heart along with the maintenance of normal brain function. Therapeutically fish oils are used to ease inflammation in soar and aching joints as well as to contribute to the maintenance of normal vision
Why you should buy this one
We choose Eskimo 3 because they are an Irish brand that use molecular distillation and other purification methods to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury, pcbs, dioxins and pesticides. Eskimo 3 have their own fleet of fishing boats and only extract oils from sustainable fishing sources like mackerel, sardines and anchovies

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