Plantforce – Synergy Protein 800g


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What is it
Plantforce is a plant based protein powder which is sweetened with stevia and free from artificial additives and sweeteners
What it does
Protein powders aid customers to meet their overall daily protein targets and aid the body in recovering from intense physicals exercise. Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass and for repairing broken down muscle tissue
Why you should buy this one
We choose Plantforce for a number of reasons. Plant based protein powders tend to be easier on the stomach then whey or soy as well as being less hypoallergenic. On top of the most protein powders are sweetened with artificial sweeteners whereas our products use stevia which has a minimal impact on blood sugar balance. Here at Origin we like our products to be as close to nature as we can get them. This product is a combination of protein blends coming from different sources including pea, rice and hemp proteins. The blend ensures a favorable Amino acids profile which makes for a highly Bioavailable and easily digestible product.

We do the research so you don’t have to. 100% no S#!T in our products.

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