Reverse the Hijack & Biohack

Its a Drug 

First things first.

The objective of this article is to bring awareness to the addictive and negative aspects to coffee as well as the positive aspects. As always through education we can make better decisions in regards to our own personal needs. Coffee is a drug and like other drugs it can be easily abused. If you look at your local coffee shop you will see long ques of people lining up every morning for their fix.  It may seem extreme to say this but thats because people don’t believe that coffee is a drug. Caffeine’s  addictive qualities are on par to any other addictive substance.

Your own personal genetic make up will impact how quickly or slowly you as an individual metabolise caffeine as well as what dosage of caffeine will have a negative impact on you. Unlike green tea and black tea, the caffeine in coffee comes without the balancing effects of L theanine.  

L Theanine

L theanine is an amino acid which is primarily found in green and black tea. It is also available in supplement form. L theanine is mostly used for its ability to help people relax, reduce insomnia, anxiety and stress.  

Although green tea and black tea contain naturally high levels of L theanine, Coffee does not. Some people speculate that people get the coffee jitters from the high levels of caffeine without the L theanine to balance the effects 

Although black coffee contains no calories and is a good choice for someone looking to reduce caloric intake. It also contains no fuel or fat to slow down the release of caffeine into the system. For the fast metaboliser this can have a detrimental impact on the nervous system causing increased nervousness, temperamental mood swings and anxiety. 

Tea and Coffee also inhibit the body’s ability to absorb Iron. In previous articles we talked about negative feedback loops and this is the perfect example of one. Someone who has low levels of Iron will feel tired and fatigued all the time, they will probably use tea or coffee as a pick me up for energy, this it turn in constantly inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb Iron which in turn is making the person more tired and more likely to reach for another caffeinated drink. 

Biohacking Coffee for maximum effectiveness & reduced anxiety 

  1. Daily cut of point of no later than 2pm for positive impact on sleep cycle
  2. Eat breakfast before your first cup (For people with faster metabolism)
  3. Drink on empty stomach for increased fat oxidation (For people with slower metabolisms)
  4. Supplement L theanine (For those prone to Jitters & Anxiety)
  5. Have awareness of your daily caffeine intake (Try to keep at 200mg or lower)
  6. Drink with a source of fat (Milk or Mct Oil) (For people prone to anxiety) 


Written by Narayana natural_admins