Roasted Cherry Tomato with Brown Spaghetti

Bulk Menu Meal

Bring 200 Grams Of Pasta to a boil and simmer until cooked. Add 50 grams of peas for the last five minutes

Roast cherry tomatoes in olive oil with diced mushrooms

Cook 100 grams of turkey mince

Season with mixed herbs, basil, black pepper, and sea salt

Once all ingredients are cooked mix together in a dish

Add feta or cheddar cheese on top to taste


This meal contains at least forty grams of high-quality protein along with some good carbs, it’s a perfect meal either pre or post-workout and will really help someone who trains with high volume to put on size.

From my own personal experience pasta seems to work a lot better than rice for recovering from high volume training sessions. It’s easier to eat and more calorically dense as well as being easier to flavor and more versatile. Pasta contains high amounts of gluten which some people may find intolerant so it’s up to you personally to decide if it suits your body or not.

Written by Narayana admin